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Folioh – FAQ

Get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Folioh, a professional portfolio platform for on startup directory listing, Professional services, and freelance website.

Visitors and registered Folioh users can seamlessly find, list, claim and explore nearby businesses and prefessional service

All listings are subjected to an initial internal review prior publishing to thwart quality impacting listings and ensure overall safe browsing experience.

Listings can be flagged for reasons including but not limited to details provisioned, profanity, post quality and intent

Allow up to six hours for listing review and approval/denial by our quality assuring moderators

Folioh offers free plans and paid plans. The free plans covers must-have business listings features while the Basic and Premium plans offer advanced features for optimized listing and brand building. Folioh also offers the ability to switch between free or paid plans before or after a listing goes live.

The Claim Now on a business listing details page allows the real business owner to establish the ownership by verifying with the site-admin. Once the site-admin verifies and accepts the claim request, then only a business owner listing gets a Claimed badge.

Every business owner is not required but recommended to go through the claim process to make sure their business is not claimed by someone else and also to gain the trust of their customers

Existing listing can be modified by the listing author at any time.
This can include changing a featured image, updating phone number or social media record, or upgrading an existing listing to a paid plan to unlock premium features.

These changes can be made while the author is signed in and on the listing page

We will never share or sell your personal information. Payment information is not stored in our database and is passed directly to the card issuer
(100% PCI compliance).Visit our Privacy Policy page to learn more.

We currently accept these major payment providers including Paypal, Stripe and Paystack

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